Night boats 2 – West Bay


© David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166 © David Moenkhaus

West Bay – Traverse City, Michigan 2003

4 minute exposure on Fuji Velvia

This image is really indicative of my early  work.

I still use long exposure times in my still photography and  I  frequently work from dusk through to dawn when shooting landscapes. But I’m currently doing table top work as well. A different kind of landscape photography. But, more on that later.

I like this image of my hometown mostly because of how the long exposure smears time and color. And because it was a beautiful summer night when I made this image.

But I also like the photograph for  it’s  historical significance.

I made this image before the old power plant that sat on the beautiful shore of West Bay was finally and thankfully, dismantled and removed.

It’s an awesome public space now and I still try to get there when I visit. I get recharged when see that great view of the West arm…

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Two point perspective


In 2009  I found myself curiously and a little obsessively drawn to the texture of various kinds of brick, as well as the uniformity and  geometrics of brick surfaces. I’m not sure why that happened, but I went with it anyway and photographed all kinds of brick, across the city of Chicago, for a little more than a year.

I’m not sure those images will coalesce into something more, but I thought I’d post this image  from that period anyway.

Nikon F3HP with a 24mm f2 AIS Nikon lens on Ilford Pan F film

© David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166 © David Moenkhaus

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Barbie, Remixed: I (Really!) Can Be a Computer Engineer

Casey Fiesler

I am a PhD student in a computing department, so I guess it’s not surprising that my social media feeds have been full of outrage over Barbie’s “computer engineering” skills. The blog post that originally went viral appears to be sporadically down due to heavy traffic, but The Daily Dot also has a good summary of the problematic book titled Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer. The problematic part is that, as far as I can tell, the steps for becoming a computer engineer if you’re Barbie are:

  1. Design a videogame.
  2. Get a boy to code it for you.
  3. Accidentally infect your computer with a virus.
  4. Get a boy to fix it for you.
  5. Take all the credit for these things yourself.

And the problem isn’t even that Barbie isn’t a “real” computer scientist because she isn’t coding. (I am one of those mostly-non-coding computer scientists myself, though now…

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When Dave Chappelle Met Rob Ford


I know this is the exact opposite of more privacy, but what would the world have to do for you to get active on Twitter or Instagram? Because that’d be hilarious.
I have a pretty dope selfie gallery.

Do you really?
Kanye, Kim, Jay and Beyoncé. Jessica Alba. There’s a great picture from Radio City of me, Chris Rock, and Aziz. Selfies are my shit. I love taking selfies…. Rob Ford.

Holy shit. Rob Ford?
Seriously, you can Google it. I was in Toronto for a few shows, and they told me I couldn’t smoke onstage. And I was like, “Well, can’t you just waive the rule tonight?” And they’re like, “It’s a citywide ordinance.” So I got up the next morning and went to the mayor’s office. This is before all that shit about him came out.

What happened? You actually met him?
I was like, “Is the mayor…

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The Bureaucracy of Death: A Reading List



Although more and more countries are abolishing capital punishment, over half the world’s population lives in four of the countries that continue to use it: India, Indonesia, China — and the United States. U.S. public opinion continues to move against the death penalty, but while some states have overturned capital punishment (or never had it), most still sentence people to die. These four pieces examine the range of flaws in a system whose irreversible outcome can ill afford them.

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